Guest post from a client – Frhetoric

Here’s a guest post from one of our recent clients – Frhetoric on his experience with The B Blunt Agency –

Having made music for a while now, with varying degrees of success in terms of audience reach, I decided to look into PR campaigns to promote my latest solo effort ‘Scandinavian Design’. I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to work with a huge global agency, as they would simply assign a small time client like myself to one of their junior account managers. Years of working in the corporate world has taught me that much. A boutique agency would add a personal touch to the campaign, and that’s exactly what I got with Blatantly Blunt. Having also met Nick who’s behind the agency, I not only got to put a face on the name but also a sense that the agency is run by someone who is passionate about the genre he’s promoting.

Prior to setting up with Blatantly Blunt, I’d met with a few other agents. Some did a really good job of selling themselves to me, others put me off working with them within minutes of meeting them. I figured that if they were to represent me and my music, I’d want them to be proficient in representing their own brand. Talking a good game is one thing, actually delivering on your promises is another. After a few trials and errors I landed on Blatantly Blunt and am quite happy with the results yielded so far. At the end of the day, a PR campaign can’t guarantee you results. All an agent can do is reach out to the right people. Whether they choose to push your product depends on the quality.