rise & shine

Rise & Shine is a series of live panel discussion based events, delivering enriching experiences to expand your mind and awareness of the world.

Initially created to serve members of the music industry, it now serves anyone with a curious mind an opportunity to gain first hand knowledge, wisdom and techniques for success and growth. 

Our first two events were held at Google Campus in London and were focused around how digital media and online marketing can be used to further your career in music. See below for the press releases and photos from the events. 

Our third event was held in Dalston, as part of the 10th anniversary of our sister company  Blatantly Blunt. The panel discussion focused  on hip hop culture’s role in encouraging self-knowledge, leading to self-esteem and ambition fulfilment. See below for the flyer. 

Rise n Shine

Rap music & Gang Violence – what’s the connection? 

With all the headlines surrounding the ideas around how “London murder rate beats New York as stabbings surge” there have been a lot of fingers pointed towards forms of rap music, especially drill. In the latest of our series of events around hip hop culture, we felt it was important to learn more about how true this really is.
We invited some well informed names to discuss whether or not rap music (hip hop, drill, grime, trap) is in fact a direct cause for the recent string of killings.

Speakers – Novar FLIP, Carpetface, Whitney Iles. Host – Nick Russell

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